Palak Paratha | Spinach Whole Wheat Flatbread

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Never imagined I would have a Palak Paratha recipe on my blog~! But here it is a Spinach Paratha that is approved by two foodies. :-) I cannot separate ghee from paratha so there is ghee but inside the paratha! This Palak Paratha is more like "outside-in" or Ghee stuffed paratha! :-P

Palak Paratha | Spinach Whole Wheat Flatbread

Off late I have been thinking my blog title is not relevant at all! I hardly share anything about Yanbu here. The fact that Yanbu Flower Festival 2017 post reached the top most read article on the blog has left me doubting if I would be misleading users who land here hoping to get any further updates on events in Yanbu. Like this week, we have our very first air show and I got to know only this morning! The show is only until tomorrow and starts after Asr prayer - so hoping F comes home early and we get to see it.

Talking about asr prayer, did you guys read about Sonu Nigam's tweet about the adhan (call to prayer)? No comments.

Palak Paratha | Spinach Whole Wheat Flatbread

Okay, let talk food.

Not very often I get to see fresh good looking Palak or Spinach in the supermarket here. But when I do see, I pick a bunch which invariably goes into dal which F eats for the sake of it. Being the queen of paratha (shy is coming) I tried palak paratha with pre-cooked spinach which makes the dough green colour like Hulk. :-) I am not too fond of coloured bread so it never got made again.

Palak Paratha | Spinach Whole Wheat Flatbread

Does turning to healthy choices and making ghee-free parathas make me a "less foodie"? I wonder how much foodie one should be to be a foodie! "stop thinking nonsensical things.., I think you are hungry"

So yeah, this Spinach Paratha is an easy method that requires no pre-cooking etc. It is a one bowl dough and paratha where we will spread ghee and close or fold to make your desired shape. Roast on tawa and have hot. Parathas from tawa to your man's plate is the way to his heart! :-)

Palak Paratha | Spinach Whole Wheat Flatbread

Yields: 8 to 9 parathas. 


2 cups whole wheat flour/atta
2 cups finely chopped spinach or palak
2 tablespoons melted ghee or oil
1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds
1/2 teaspoon grated ginger
2 to 3 finely chopped green chillies
1/2 teaspoon chaat masala / dry mango powder
Salt as per taste

Water to bring the dough together - Approx 1/2 cup
Ghee to spread - 1/2 teaspoon for each paratha (add more or less as required)


  1. Add all the ingredients except water and mix thoroughly using the hand. 
  2. Start adding water little at a time and bring the dough together to form a tight dough. 
  3. Cover and let the dough rest for at least 10 to 15 minutes or until needed
  4. Grease your hands and knead the dough for a few minutes and divide into equal sized balls. Keep them covered all the time.
  5. Take one dough ball, dust the work area, roll the dough ball to half the size of actual paratha, spread ghee all over and bring the sides together and close it like you would do when you make stuffed parathas. Dip in flour and keep aside. Repeat with all the remaining dough balls. Keep them covered.
  6. Close to the mealtime, keep a thick bottomed pan on medium flame and start rolling a ball thin or slightly thicker than normal chapatis. 
  7. Place the rolled dough on the hot tawa and cook both sides by flipping a few times with or without spreading ghee. I have not used ghee or oil while roasting the parathas. Press with the spatula to puff it up a bit and transfer to a tea towel basket or foil to keep warm 
  8. Serve immediately with dal, yoghurt, pickle or any non-veg curries. 
Palak Paratha | Spinach Whole Wheat Flatbread

The reason I have only two parathas on the plate and rest not to be seen is because - I make two much earlier than dinner time to be able to click with natural light. The only way I can show you how good the Palak Paratha looks. :-)

Okay got to go now. Ragee is stopping me from typing anymore... 

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