Stove-top Butter Naan | Eggless | Bread Flour

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Originally, this post on Butter Naan was published on 28th April 2016. I had moved this post to draft on 7th March 2017 in order to experiment further after I came across this article by The Guardian.
I have pulled back my Butter Naan recipe and moved it to draft last night after I came across this article. Though my...
Posted by Two Foodies & a Feline on Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Stove-top Butter Naan | Bread Flour

Generally, Naan is leavened with yeast and Kulcha with baking powder and baking soda and they also differ in shape. But these days we find non-yeast recipes of Naan and yeast recipes of Kulcha!  I have seen so many Kulcha recipes on blogs that are titled as Naan and vice versa. All this just makes me wonder if the difference is just in nomenclature and tradition. Could be and while it is not possible to pinpoint to an authentic recipe of Naan because like everything else, recipes also evolve through modern ideas and convenience.

Stove-top Butter Naan | Bread Flour

Until now, I made Naan with all purpose flour or all wheat flour and sometimes a mix of both. As we don't tend to eat Naan every other day, it is totally okay to use All purpose Flour (Patent) or Bread Flour. The flour and the raising agent alone decides the texture of the naan. And the topping from garlic to seeds or onions etc add to the flavour complementing the texture.

Stove-top Butter Naan | Bread Flour

The original recipe I had posted here, was with egg which I have not used in this version. I was not too ok to exclude egg, but I have to agree Eggless is not bad at all. In fact, this version with Bread flour is my best so far.  I am planning to make a different post for each type of naan I try and that which is approved by in-house taste tester! :-). 

Butter Naan on Stove-top

This recipe uses Bread Flour. If it is not available near you or you don't have stock, you can still make bread flour at home with just three ingredients!

1 cup of bread flour = 1 cup all-purpose flour + 1.5 teaspoon Baking Powder + 1/4 teaspoon Salt 

Stove-top Butter Naan | Bread Flour


1 and 3/4 cups bread flour (use the remaining for dusting)
1 teaspoon instant yeast
1 teaspoon sugar
3/4 teaspoon salt or to taste
1/3 cup yoghurt, whisked and room temperature
1/3 cup warm water
2 tablespoon oil
more oil to grease the bowl

black sesame see or nigella seeds for toppings while rolling the dough
a stick of butter to spread over toasted naan

Stove-top Butter Naan | Bread Flour


Prepare dough:
  1. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl and then tip in rest of the ingredients and start kneading
  2. Knead for 5 to 10 minutes until you achieve a slightly sticky soft dough. You can use flour while kneading if it gets too sticky.
  3. Transfer the dough to a large lightly oiled bowl and turn the dough over to coat it with the oil
  4. Cover the bowl with a cling film or neat cloth and keep it in a warm draught-free place for a couple of hours for it to rise double the size.
Prepare Naan on stove-top
  1. Deflate the risen dough and divide into equal sized balls 
  2. Use a rolling pin, flatten the dough ball into any shape and maintain the thickness as your preference. While roasting, the bread will get a thick texture. 
  3. Drizzle some sesame seeds and press it down lightly ( you can do this half way of rolling )
  4. Use a fork and prick all over the surface of the rolled out naan dough
  5. Heat the tawa on medium to high flame
  6. Place the rolled naan on the hot tawa and wait for the bubbles to show up 
  7. When there are bubbles all over the top and the bottom side is getting brown, then use a metal tong and place the top side of the naan on the open flame.
    1. Cook all sides until browned and lightly charred by constantly flipping and aiming all the areas of the naan 
    2. Keep in a dry bowl or basket and spread butter on it while hot (use the stick butter salted or unsalted and just rub it on the hot naan as much you want!)
    3. Serve naan hot with any rich gravy-like dal makhani or murgh makhani or egg roast curry!
    Stove-top Butter Naan | Bread Flour

    When I carried the stack of butter naan to the dining table, I was amazed how light weight it was... fluffy, soft and light! It also retained its softness for long, unlike the restaurant ones. If you have never made naan, try making this way. And if you are happy with your recipe of naan, give this a try! You never know what you are missing until you try it! Am I right?

    Stove-top Butter Naan | Bread Flour

    Hoping to try whole wheat flour Naan. InshaAllah. 

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