Mom's Banana Fritters

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It is raining cats and dogs here in Yanbu since last night which has brought down the temperature making it so pleasant. I have no idea how it is outside.. but it sure must be a mess because water has seeped into the room through those AC holder holes on the wall (that I do not use at all) and has now become a reason for me to clean them. Saudi houses if you are not aware (I am talking only for the flats/apartments) have two doors, one for the members of the house, and the other for the men visitors. So we never really use that side of the apartment which is why I clean them rarely. One less chore you see...

With the rain, the sun shines off and on making my living room from where I blog very gloomy. Rain + gloomy + cozy calls for some fritters right??? Yes!. Though I am not gonna make one now.. I sure will share my mom's recipe which is the only way I love to eat them.

There are so many variations depending on region and personal preference. My mom's way is usually how my aunts too make but there is some magic in what my mom makes which I have never been able to crack. I think it is primarily due to the fact that she does not have a recipe. simple as that...but makes it complicated for me.

There are n number of chai kadi (tea time snacks) that we make with just-ripe plantains and fritters are one of them. It is one fried snack that I eat without thinking too much. Having had it so many times, I thought I can replicate it in my Yanbu kitchen without much trouble. I was wrong. The first time I made this in Yanbu a year ago came out so far away from moms that I never wanted to waste the plantains that I get so rarely here. It is more like an exotic fruit that too not of a good quality. So I just stir fry them in ghee and scramble egg into it..

When I went back to India, I made it a point to watch my mom make it...and that is the only way I can get close to her way. What I was doing not correct (there is no wrong way) was adding sugar and baking powder. So let me share our home recipe...

Mom's Banana Fritters 


For the batter: 

1 cup all purpose flour
1 tablespoon rice flour
3/4 cup water
1 teaspoon salt (as per taste)
a pinch of cardamom powder (cinnamon powder also tastes good)
a pinch of turmeric powder
3 just-ripe but not too ripe plantains
Oil to fry

  1. Mix all the ingredients of the batter to make a smooth lump-less batter
  2. Cut the plantains into half
  3. Slice each half lengthwise (not too thin)
  4. Heat the oil in a kadai or wok 
  5. Test the readiness of the oil by dropping a small drop of batter - if it gets fried and comes on top then it is ready to fry
  6. Dip the slices into the batter ensuring it is evenly coated
  7. Deep fry both sides till done (golden color)
  8. Serve hot

  • I use turmeric for the light yellow color instead of using artificial food colors
  • Sometimes I use cinnamon powder instead of cardamom 
  • You can use wheat flour instead of all purpose flour or make it 1:1 
  • Avoid over ripe bananas, they tend to suck all the oil and get too mushy

Banana fritters is the only way F has this fruit. Aren't I glad to have a company to devour this yet another Malabar food.

Just in case you have some batter left and no more plantains to fry, then use it to make dates fritters. Just pit the dates (remove the seed) and dip in the batter and deep fry while the oil is hot.

Now, let me know how you make this simple fritters?

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