Kosha Mangsho | Goat Meat Curry | Bengali Recipe

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Have you ever cooked without measuring? To me cooking without measuring is the most satisfying experience, especially when it turns out finger licking delicious. A sense of pride and accomplishment with a motivation that Yes, I can do. Have you been there? But it comes with practice or sheer one time luck which is the case for me. :-P Every other time, I have to refer to my hand scribbled notes. For this reason, I so admire both my mom and mil who can cook for 2 or 10 without doing any calculations or referring to any notes etc. They do it with eye balling.. and it turns out every time close to perfection and its labeled as their signature dish. How? How do they do that?

Some afternoons, I crave for moms banana fritters, simple mutton curry, or just the soft idlis, but even after I follow their instructions, it turns out to be different. Each time, every time. So chuck trying to match, instead I enjoy the process of making it and say inspired from or adapted from moms' :-P That way I don't look bad. And to all those brothers and sisters who say learn to cook like mom...my response, "I am, with a dash of me.!"

Cooking with eye balling and getting that perfect taste I had was an exhilarating experience. This happened to me when least expected. With quiet a lot of goat meat that we got during Bakrid, I wanted to try something out of my comfort and regional cuisine. I remembered this goat meat curry I had at Calcutta at a friend's wedding. I quickly pinged her and she was more than happy to share the recipe - just that it was worse than my moms way. Zero measurement. Can't blame her, I was too excited to try. 

So here is how she shared the recipe:

Kosha Mangsho | Goat Meat Curry | Bengali Recipe

Make a paste of onion, garlic, ginger and green chillies
Wash the meat and drain the water
To the meat, add the paste, cumin powder, red chilli powder, and turmeric powder
add a whole bay leaf 
some chopped onion
add 2-3 tbsp of mustard oil
mix all of this

In a pressure cooker, add oil and heat it till its very hot
add some chopped onion for flavour
add the meat with the marinate
cook till all the water evaporates
then add some salt and a pinch of sugar
add water 
also add some big potatoes before you close the lid
pressure cook until meat is done

As I did not have mustard oil, she suggested I add tomato instead to get the zing factor, I added some lime juice with the marinate and a tomato while pressure cooking. I pressure cooked for 10 whistles taking a break after 6 and checking for water and then cooked again for another 4. I liked the fact that this is cooked in open until all the fluid is gone. Remember there is no water added at this stage. The meat is cooked in open so it loses all its fluid and then water is added to pressure cook. 

I cant describe how soft, juicy and melting in the mouth the meat was with its cumin flavour... so close to what I had at her wedding. F loved it and left a clean pot after dinner. I served this with wheat appam but this goes well with any Indian bread. If you haven't had this, I suggest you try this and I sure you will love it. 

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