Honey Yogurt Cake

Monday, January 26, 2015

Today it is the 66th Indian Republic Day - A day I grew up watching the National parade in Doordarshan Channel Live from the capital New Delhi waiting for our state's show. But gradually, when I started working, the parade, the speech, etc. did not fascinate me anymore and I used to just enjoy the public holiday relaxing in my little room or just making this time to catch up with friends. I guess it is continuing the same way....and I heard this time we have Obama as the guest.

Anyways, I have a GOOD news!

I am going HOME! The dates are not finalized, but I will be leaving to India in a few weeks! Yay!!!. As much as I am longing to get out of here, I am also saddened by the fact that I am not aware when I will return or where is our next nest. I have already reduced the grocery purchases as I need to clear the pantry of the stocks of fresh food and lentils etc. Another fear of leaving here is I doubt if I am socially handicapped (SH) now! I mean 9 months interacting with just F and a few others less than a few times and all major interactions with the rest of the world being through social media... would I be SH?

I also have a SAD news, :-(

A week ago my blender's machine dropped from the kitchen top down onto the floor and cracked - a bad shape that cannot be fixed. F has been insisting I get a new one but I refused to as it would not be a good idea for just a few weeks. Now, that leaves me with very little options on our menu. I can't make dosa, chutney, or anything I need to grind or powder etc. Now I can't complain either!

Thank you for listening to my ramblings... so moving to today's topic - At the end of my post about Rafeeda's blog, I had mentioned I would try the Honey Yogurt Cake. And in a couple of days, he announced her Bloggoversary event. Like I mentioned, my intention is to get over with the stocks in my pantry, I had some honey but not as much as I wanted and I had no patience to wait till the weekend to try this cake! :-) The number of ingredients are so less and it seemed healthy snack too.

Today, instead of repeating her recipe here, I will share the almost disastrous moments I went through to make this cake as delicious as it looks here.

Moment - 1: Not Remembering...  

The recipe demanded 1/4 cup honey, I was not sure if I had 1/4 cup as I was emptying the bottle and you know how quick honey comes out of the bottle in a cold weather! almost losing my patience, I thought I will just use sugar. I thought I will use sugar in addition to honey as I am sure F needs it more sweet than 1/4 cup honey. I FORGOT!

Outcome - The cake was less sweet than I wanted.

Moment - 2: Not Trusting...

Raf has clearly mentioned that the batter will be really thick! Mine looked more like a dough! I was this close to adding water to make it a batter but then realized to trust and moved on. The "dough" was so thick and so little, that I felt the pan I greased is too big for that little "batter". So I was hunting for a smaller pans that I clearly know I don't have. I saw the measuring cups on the kitchen top... perfect! small, flat and round.

Outcome - The cake overflowed.

Moment - 3: Not Believing... 

Pressed down some of the dough in the measuring cups, just like you do for muffins, half filled and kept all three in my usual cake making pan and into the pressure cooker. I think I waited for 40 mins and opened to see that the cake overflowed! I was both happy and disappointed! I should have just gone with my regular pan. But nevertheless, it became a cake!

Moment - 4: Not Practicing...  

After cooling, I arranged them in a nice layer and clicked pictures and sent to F. "No cream?" was his response. Bah! I had some whipped cream and thought will just spread them over. But something made me do a little more research! I had no piping bag, no designer pins or nozzles, but to my luck, I found this amazing video on a website How to Cook That. She had amazing videos on fondant cakes too.

Off I went to try it but thought of adding a twist. I cut some beets and spread the color on the ziplock bag hoping it will shed some color on the cream while piping. I no expert and this is my first time trying this. It aint no coming as rose, so I just continued to squeeze the cream out and did zig zag zoo! The beet color did not come well so I dusted some cinnamon powder over the decoration. Perfecto!

F was totally surprised that I did "cream" the cake and he loved the cinnamon dust on the cream.


  • As I forgot to add the extra sugar that I had planned to add, the cake like I thought was not sweet enough but is good for people on diet or looking to eat healthy (that should be me! ). 
  • Stick to all purpose flour. (I added a little wheat flour - I think keeping it all plain flour will taste much better)
  • I refrigerated - bad idea. It stays good in room temperature.  
  • Like Raf mentioned, good for chai time snacks.

I should say that if you have never baked a cake with honey and yogurt, then please do try this keeping in mind not to Panic! If I can do this, you all can do much better! :-)

Just waiting for F to promote me from Somewhat OK to a Better Cook! :-P

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5 Thoughts

  1. Enjoyed reading through your motions... I can perfectly understand how frustrating it can be when you don't get a recipe right... I am surprised why it looked like dough, it was really thick, yes, but you can scoop and put it into the pan... this tells me that I have to make that cake again and maybe see what is going wrong... :) Do link in to the event and participate with this... good luck! :)

    1. Hey Raf, Did I miss sharing the cake was delicious? the dough was scoopable! is that even a word? :-) well it was my first time to a scoopable batter! let me put it that way! And yes, I am going to try this again ... may be in India..

  2. Hi famidha,First time here ..You are really an inspiring writer.Much to read now.Keep up the good work.When u find time have a visit to my space as well.

    1. Thank you so much Sathya, those words are so nice to hear! thank you so much... coming over to your place!

  3. Assalam Alaikum Famidha,

    Cake looks yummy!
    Enjoyed reading as well. 😊


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