Paperback editions vs eBooks

Friday, December 19, 2014

Even-though I spend most of my day reading online, when it comes to reading a fiction or autobiographies, I realized I am comfortable with the Paperback editions. You will know how I realized by the end of this post.

Going green to save the environment for the future generations - every bookoholic is aware of this - yet we go with what we enjoy. As a tradition that I set, I pick a book along with a souvenir from every place I visit. And each book, I would write a short note on the date, location, gifted by, etc. These then become my precious collection. I could never part from them and I used to carry them along with me in every relocation. (psst.. even to Yanbu, I slid some books into my bag by reducing some cloths)

Years ago, I used to spend hours in a book store and sometimes end up paying for lousy crappy books and regret buying them. I hated myself for going with the cover and the trending content. It then dawned to me that these were the budding writers who tend to write after the most trending topic or the best sold authors' ideas. To make me feel better, I used to give them away to the old paper shops for free Bah! that's the place it deserved!

In the event of saving trees and going green, I had to be very careful and got very choosy when I want to buy a paperback book. Looking for alternate options, I came across the e-books on Flipkart (my online shopping mall), and was always this close to ordering one but something in me used to always put if off. Books were like my cloths, I had to touch and feel it before I buy. I never tried ordering fashion section even though Myntra gives the try and exchange, I hate to go through that hassle.

My petit collection in Yanbu

Yet, the "Save the trees" in me began to feel guilty of purchasing books that were made by cutting down trees - but never guilty of buying them off from the street side at a bargain rate! Then I got to know that ebooks were also easily available to download for free I wanted to give it a try. No matter, how much you try to avoid piracy there is always a bad side to a good side and both co-exist in every thing.

I thought of giving it a try before calling it quits and read my first e-book - Inferno. I did not pass through more than 4 pages. Maybe the kindle experience is different and better than the downloaded pdfs. I have heard positive feedback on that, but personally I prefer to turn the pages and smell the book, feel the characters come alive and stay in my memory for ever. It would be the same content on the ebook, yet Paperback books...

  • ...have a unique smell and I love to flip through and breathe in the aroma
  • ...have volume (thickness) and helps me to gauge how long it would last for me
  • ...are my asset that will be handed over to the next generation and would never get corrupted
  • ...gets used and becomes old and then goes on to becomes a priceless possession
  • bookstores are the only reason kids read books these days
  • ...makes a valuable gift 
  • ...collections are your best memory of your life journey 
I vote for Paperback! What do you think? 

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2 Thoughts

  1. Yeah it is true. However a traveler like me comfortable with e-option. So enjoying both options available.

    1. I know.. e-books are far more better choice in all aspects of going green, and clutter free.. maybe once Paperback editions are completely stopped, I shall go digital!


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