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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What is your happiest moment? ----  It is so amusing to see the empty bottle fly away and I watch it on the rear mirror and feel the adrenaline rush. That is how our kids also entertain themselves while on a drive to anywhere. We throw stuffs out of the window while we go on long drives. 

Plastic should be used sparingly or better never use. ---- WTH! There is no scarcity of plastic bags! It is also free! Why the hell would I have to use it sparingly? 

Please learn how to recycle ----  Recycle? I don't want a second hand. Are you kidding? How can I use something which is already used? 

Could you start segregating your waste into food waste/plastic? ---- I will throw all my waste in the same bin. It is not my job to segregate them to combustible, plastic, etc.  

Do you know where all the garbage collected is dumped? ---- Do I care?

Are you aware that you indirectly cause damage to the corals of Red sea which is an attraction of Yanbu? ---- What? pardon me? 

Yanbu Coral - That's my F!
PS: I miss being part of the Clean India Mission. It is a big deal of course. I believe that the whole world has to be lot cleaner and we can start from where we live. KSA has disappointed me with its attitude towards keeping clean! It is not as worse as in India but it is not too far away from becoming one.  

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