10 Things I Will Dump in 2015

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Last night I finally got the "your blog is approved" note from IndiBlogger. I was super thrilled and was jumping with joy, shared with F how much this means to me. I dived into their website and was in awe about the connections they have, the different forums, the participation energy, and the light side of the people behind the scenes. I was instantly in love with this space. So today I am contributing this post for their Indispire topic!

10 things I will dump this year! This is so not for me. I would have loved to have a "10 things I will start doing next year" because the reason I began blogging was boredom. I was looking for things do to keep busy. However I gave it a thought - super brain workout! And woke up with at least 7 ideas. With a cup of tea and thinking over all the past months, I somehow got 9 and the last one was to make up 10. :-)

#1 Dump Cooking 

I spend most of my time here trying different cuisines from Middle eastern, Italian, North Indian, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, etc but never spent that much time to learn my traditional cuisine (Kerala Malabar). So yes, I got to stop trying others or give more focus on Malabar dishes!

#2 sometimes it is good to give up on weight loss attempt

I had packed and brought all my jeans to Yanbu only to realize they stopped fitting me the very next month. Dieting for five days and binge eating on weekends on chocolates and doritos will not help me get back to that size, nor can I cook on weekends. I need a weekend too! So, enough of holding on to them hoping to fit into some day!

#3 Lose weight


#4 Bored

I shall in all effort try not to use that word.

#5 Miss India 

Not the beauty pageant! I miss everything back home but I have to stop so that I can enjoy this moment.

#6 Cut down on comfort food

Cutting down on comfort food will eventually happen if I take care of the above pointers, specifically the #4

#7 Stop Trying to Bake in Microwave 

I have no patience until I get an oven or a cooking range which I stopped F from getting - thinking I will not be able to stay here forever. I had to bake for most of my dishes that I love to eat and serve. Baking in MW based on internet search and ruining the whole food that equals to wastage. So I got to stop trying on MW and rely on our good old stove top. That is not what my brain thinks, I need to figure out how to optimally use the MW to bake! any jugaad?

#8 Stock Cheese - Never

I was never a cheese person. More of butter! utterly butterly delicious - AMUL! Oh! I miss that ad. :- ( F is a CHEESE person. He has to have it doubled in every thing I make with cheese. Gradually, I began to like it too. So my refrigerator has loads of cheese stocked and I end up eating them as I am home and bored! oops! not again, I shall not use that word!

#9 Taxing my brain

This blog has been the hardest to come up with. I need another cup of tea. Too taxing... That was not true. I shall stop worrying about the unknown is what I meant!

#10 Shoes?

10 shoes! Stop buying shoes, I have enough and more. Really? my foot!

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3 Thoughts

  1. Great list, hope you fulfill it.....

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging and congrats upon joining a creative brigade. This is one of the best platforms where people share their thoughts, ideas, creativity and contribute towards the Society too. Best of luck for your 10 points and hope you will achieve them by December next. Happy Blogging.


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